It could be a decade before virtual reality headsets become cheap and portable enough to replace smartphones as the tech industry’s dominant computing platform, the founder of Oculus VR has warned.或许还要10年时间,虚拟现实头盔才能显得充足低廉、轻巧,代替智能手机沦为科技业主流的计算出来平台,虚拟现实头盔制造商Oculus VR的创始人警告说道。Virtual reality is tipped to be one of the biggest themes of this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, with Sony, HTC and Facebook-owned Oculus all set to release their headsets in the first half of 2016.虚拟现实技术预计将沦为本周国际消费电子展(Consumer Electronics Show)最重要的主题之一,索尼(Sony)、HTC以及Facebook旗下的Oculus都将在2016年上半年发售自己的虚拟现实头盔。However, Palmer Luckey, who founded Oculus from his parents’ garage in 2012, says the technology requires many years of further development before it can “replace smartphones” for mainstream users.然而,2012年在父母的车库中创办Oculus的帕尔默勒基(Palmer Luckey)回应,这项技术还须要经历多年的更进一步发展,才能“代替智能手机”沦为主流用户的自由选择。


“I think until you have really high-end computing power and until you have really slim form factors, you’re not going to see glasses that people wear every day as part of their everyday lives,” Mr Luckey says. “The only way we’re going to get to billions of users is if VR becomes something that everybody wants to use. And I think to do that, you’re going to [need to] get the cost way down and the quality way up.”“我指出,在享有确实的高端计算能力并构建外形纤薄化之前,你会看见那种人们在日常生活中天天戴着的眼镜问世,”勒基说道,“我们夺得数十亿用户的唯一途径是让虚拟现实技术沦为人人都不愿用于的东西。我指出要做这一点,(必须)太低成本、提高品质。


”On how long that might take, Mr Luckey says: “It could be five years. It’s more likely to be 10 years. But I also don’t think that virtual reality has to get to a slim pair of glasses to be successful.”在被问及这有可能必须多长时间时,勒基说道:“有可能是5年。更加有可能是10年。但我也毫无疑问,虚拟现实不须制成一副轻巧的眼镜才算顺利。”In part, more development is necessary to reduce the risk of a social backlash akin to that suffered by Google Glass, Mr Luckey says. “I’m not going to pretend that there won’t be an issue, there will always be people who are against these types of things.”勒基回应,在或许上,虚拟现实技术必须更进一步的发展,才能增加类似于谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)遭遇的社会抨击那样的风险。

“我会假装不不存在这类问题,因为总会有人赞成这些东西。”He acknowledges that the current headset design is “obviously not the ideal” form factor. “As it goes from a bulky pair of goggles to a slim pair of glasses, you’re going to have a much different reaction to this type of thing.” But “in the long run, the utility and adoption will outstrip any fashion concerns”.他否认,现在虚拟现实头盔的设计在外形上“似乎并非理想”。


Oculus announced yesterday that it would begin taking pre-orders for the Rift tomorrow. Mr Luckey tweeted that shipping would “start” in the first quarter of 2016. The company has not yet revealed pricing for the first version of its Rift headset but Mr Luckey says it will initially be a “significant investment” that “disproportionately” appeals to videogamers and other early adopters in its first years on the market.Oculus本周一宣告,将从1月6日开始拒绝接受对Rift头盔的预约。勒基在Twitter上回应将在2016年第一季度“开始”发货。



该公司仍未透露Rift头盔亮相版本的定价,但勒基称之为,出售该产品的花费将是一笔“根本性投资”,在该产品上市头几年,只不会对视频游戏玩家及其他早期用户有“十分的”吸引力。Mr Luckey says a VR system will probably cost a total of $1,500, including the headset and a PC powerful enough to run its high-resolution graphics fast enough to maintain the illusion of virtual worlds.勒基回应,出售一套虚拟现实系统有可能总计必须1500美元,还包括一个头盔和一台性能充足强劲、能以充足慢的速度处置高分辨率画面以反对虚拟世界感觉的个人电脑。Even then, the Rift’s cost is being subsidised to make it more affordable, as Facebook and Oculus try to establish the market for VR, he says.即使在这样的价位上,Rift头盔也是受到了Facebook与Oculus的补贴的,好让更加多人负担得起。

Facebook与Oculus于是以希望创建虚拟现实市场。In December, Oculus and Samsung released the more affordable Gear VR headset, which uses a Galaxy smartphone for its screen and processor instead of tethering to a PC. The $99 accessory is seen as a way for newcomers to try out VR for the first time.去年12月,Oculus和三星(Samsung)公布了更加低廉的Gear VR头盔,并用于三星Galaxy智能手机作为显示屏和处理器,以替换相连电脑。

这款售价99美元的设备被视作是更有新手首度体验虚拟现实的一个途径。Gear VR is a “portable experience that you can take anywhere”, Mr Luckey says. “But the quality of the graphics are definitely much lower quality than what you get on a high-end PC.Gear VR头盔“让你可以随身携带,在任何地方体验虚拟现实”,勒基说道,“但其画质意味著要比从高端个人电脑取得的画质较低得多。_华体会体育全站APP登录。



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